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École Supérieure Universitaire Adam Smith™


French Information Office:

Mr. Thierry Coutelle
École Supérieure Universitaire Adam Smith
8 Allée de la Moselle
31770 Colomiers

Telephonein France: +33 (0) 562-740-756
E-mail in France: E.Sup.AdamSmith@wanadoo.fr

US Information Mail Address:

Acme Career Services
7500 West Lake Mead Blvd. #929
Las Vegas, NV 89128

Telephone in USA: (800) 732-3796
E-mail in USA: info@adamsmith.edu

Degrees from France

Adam Smith University received a charter as a non profit association from the 
Prefecture of Pyrenees-Atlantiques on 10 July, 2001, No. 0643010097, registered in the Journal Officiel de la Republic Francaise on page 3741 on 4 August, 2001. This charter permits Adam Smith University (of France) to offer distance learning courses at a postsecondary level in France. On 15 November, 2004 this charter was modified to change the name of this French association to Ecole Superieure Universitaire Adam Smith.

Under the legislation of the French Ministry of Education under Article L731-1, 
Ecole Superieure Universitaire Adam Smith is permitted to offer degrees in France at all levels of postsecondary education under the VAE (Validation Des Acquis de L’experience) law dated 17 January, 2002 after assessment of degrees completed at recognized universities in other countries (such as Adam Smith University) and assessment of work experience or other specialized postsecondary level specialized training. Three years of appropriate work experience are ordinarily considered equivalent to one year of university study under the VAE law. All degrees conferred in France are permitted to be issued as private degrees under current French regulations.

Degrees offered by Ecoles Superieure in France are considered as private degrees rather than as state degrees which are offered only by French government universities. Ecoles Superieure are postsecondary institutions that provide postsecondary education in several Francophone countries such as in France and in Canada (in Quebec).

Under this VAE law and under decree number 2002-590 dated 24 April, 2002, and L.613-4 from the Code of Education NOR:MENDO200916D, Ecole Superieure Universitaire Adam Smith offers the DEUG- Diplome d’etudes universitaires Generales degree (equivalent to a US or Liberian associate degree), the License de Lettres (equivalent to the US or Liberian bachelor of arts degree), the License de Sciences (equivalent to the US or Liberian bachelor of science degree), the License en administration des affaires (equivalent to the US or Liberian bachelor of business administration degree), the Maitrise (equivalent to the US or Liberian masters degree) and the diplome de Ph.D (equivalent to the US or Liberian doctoral degree). The French DEA, DECS, DESE, and DESS degrees may also be offered.

The following subjects are offered at appropriate degree levels:

French name of subject English language equivalent
Administration des affairs Business Administration
Gestion Management
Gestion industirelle Industrial Management
Commercialisation Marketing, Commerce
Finance Finance
Comptabilite Accounting
Sciences de gestion Management Science
Administration Administration
Sante Health
Economie Economics
Science humaines Humanities
Beaux arts Fine Arts
Musique Music
Francaise French
Anglais English
Histoire History
Sciences Politiques Political Science
Psychologie Psychology
Sociologie Sociology
Ingenierie Engineering
Sciences de la sante Health Science
Administration publique Public Administration
Education* Education
Sciences sociale Social Science
Communication Communications
Informatique Public Relations
Justice criminelle Criminal Justice
Theologie Theology
Philosophie Philosophy
Biologie Biology
Chimie Chemistry
Physique Physics
Geologi Geology
Etudes cinematographiques Film Studies
Danse Dance
Administration des soins medicaux Health Science Administration
Japonais Japanese
Journalisme Journalism
Mathematiques Mathematics
Lettres classiques Classics
Science Des Ordinateurs Computer Science
Radio & Television Diffusion Radio & Television Broadcasting

* French degrees in education offered by Ecole Superieure Universitaire Adam Smith are generally not recognized for licensure to teach or serve as a school administrator in the United States or in Liberia or in France.

École Supérieure Universitaire Adam Smith does not offer any degrees in licensed professions such as law, nursing, medicine, chiropractic, podiatry or in certain other fields for licensing purposes.

All degrees issued by École Supérieure Universitaire Adam Smith are written in French on the degree (diploma). In France, it is not customary to issue transcripts. Instead a Complement au Diplome is issued in French or a Diploma Supplement is issued in English according to guidelines developed by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES.

Additional information on École Supérieure Universitaire Adam Smith is available through Mr. Thierry Coutelle École Supérieure Universitaire Adam Smith 8 Allee de la Moselle 31770 Colomiers, France , telephone +33 (0) 562-740-756 or by E-mail at: E.Sup.AdamSmith@wanadoo.fr or through Acme Career Services 7500 West Lake Mead Blvd #929 Las Vegas, NV 89128 in the United States or through email at info@adamsmith.edu.

Please also see the following through this web site:

Governments and employers in different countries have different requirements for licensure or recognition of degrees. Please check with your government or employer as to whether French degrees through École Supérieure Universitaire Adam Smith are recognized in your country or by your employer.

VAE Assessment is done by a jury of a committee of professors. Usually three professors serve on each jury. Some of the professors who will serve on these juries are:

Chairman of the Jury: Professor Donald Grunewald, D.B.A. Professor Grunewald received the M.A., MBA and Doctor of Business Administration degrees from Harvard University. Dr. Grunewald served as president of a regionally accredited campus based college for twelve years in the United States. He is the founder of Adam Smith University and of Ecole Superieure Universitaire Adam Smith. Subject areas: Business Administration, Strategic Management, History.

Professor Barbara S. Frees, M.A., J.D. Professor Frees received the MA degree from Yale University and the Juris Doctor degree from Fordham University. She is a member of the bar in New York State and is admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court and in other Federal and New York State courts. Subject areas: Business Law, Criminal Justice, Russian Studies.

Professor Neville Gary Leach, M.D. Professor Neville Gary Leach received the Medical Doctor degree from the University of Ottawa in Canada. He is a F.R.S.C. (C) of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada. Subject areas: Health Science, Life Science.

Professor Edward C. Yang, Ph.D. Professor Edward C. Yang received the MA from Columbia University and the MS and Ph.D. degrees from New York University. Subject areas: Economics, International Business and Finance.

Other professors are available as needed for juries.