admission procedures
Graduation from high school or satisfactory completion of the General Education Diploma (GED) is a prerequisite for admission to our associate and bachelor's degree programs. Completion of a bachelor's degree is required prior to admission to our master's degree program.
International students should contact the representative of Adam Smith University in your country for admissions procedures in your country. If your country has no representative for ASU, please contact the university directly.
Once you have decided to enroll at Adam Smith University, fill out our enrollment form (if you don't have Microsoft Word, Click Here) and send it to Acme Career Services, 7500 West Lake Mead Boulevard #929, Las Vegas, NV 89128 USA. At the same time, also send to Acme Career Services, copies of unofficial transcripts of credit showing us what credits you have already earned at any college, university or other postsecondary school. Please also send Acme Career Services copies of your military record showing each MOS and skill level for each MOS you have held in the US Army, each Naval or Coast Guard rating (Such as Seaman E-3) you have held in the Navy, your CCAF transcript if you have served in the USAF or your MOS by number and job title if you have served in the US Marine Corps. Please also send Acme Career Services a list of any military courses you have completed including for each course, the exact dates of the course or the number of hours of instruction, the title of the course and its location. If you have served in the Armed Forces of another country please send a copy of your military records showing similar information. At the same time, please also send Acme Career Services unofficial copies of transcripts of credit showing what credits you have earned in any college, university or other postsecondary school including proprietary business and trade schools. Acme Career Services will evaluate this information and send it to us for Adam Smith University's review. There is no cost to you or obligation to enroll by sending your portfolio of education and experience for this evaluation. ASU will tell you what credit if any you have earned toward a degree if you later decide to enroll. ASU will charge an application fee of $50.00 if you later decide to enroll. You may have earned the right number and type of credit to be awarded a degree without any further instruction after verification of credit earned and payment of all fees for enrollment and other required fees.
A student may enroll in Adam Smith University at any time. Graduation takes place whenever all degree requirements are completed.
You will receive your degree after our faculty has determined that you have satisfactorily fulfilled the requirements of your degree and the President and Board have approved conferral of your degree. Should there be any inactivity for any period consisting of one year at any given time after your admission, your admission will expire and you will have to reapply.
Adam Smith University reserves the right to reject any applicant who does not meet the requirements or who will not be a credit to our university, based on the judgment of our admissions staff.
A copy of each student's record is kept on file at the administrative office of the university.
Adam Smith University is in compliance with all requirements of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and federal and state regulations. Admissions is without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, or national origins. ASU does not discriminated on the basis of handicap with regard to admissions or in any of its activities, including employment.
financial information
All fees are payable in U.S. Dollars.
Fees listed are for U.S. students. International students should check directly with our international representatives for fees in their countries.

Doctoral students are required also to pay the mentor fee as negotiated directly with the mentor.

Transfer credit fee for Associate Degree: $1,250.00
Transfer credit for Bachelor's Degree: $2,500.00
Transfer credit fee for Master's Degree: $1,500.00
Fee for Doctoral Degree: $3,000.00

Fees do not include the cost of books, supplies, telephone, postage, and fax communications with the university or with the faculty.

Tuition for guided study courses taught by our faculty in North America is: Undergraduate credit, $150 per credit; graduate credit, $175 per credit. For students in other countries, please contact the representative of ASU in your country for the fees for guided study courses taught by faculty of the university in your country, if available. Guided study programs have higher fees than fees for home study degree programs offered solely through correspondence because of the time and personal attention required by faculty and tutors to provide such guided study.

Undergraduate credit $150 per credit; graduate credit $175 per credit. Tuition for courses taken at other colleges or universities or through proficiency examinations to complete degrees at Adam Smith University is paid by the student directly to these institutions at whatever rate they have in place.

Application/Evaluation fee....$50.00
Transcript fee: First transcript free, all other....$10.00 each

Transcript fee is in addition to the fee charged for course transfer. Students who wish only to receive a transcript without a degree pay a credit bank fee of $200.00.

The amounts shown above represent the total cost for tuition and fees. They include the cost of the embossed diploma. Students are responsible for the costs of books and materials and for the costs of mailing to the university and phone calls made to their faculty advisors or the university and phone calls made to their faculty advisors of the university. THERE ARE NO OTHER FEES OR CHARGES except the fees for independent studies courses supervised by a professor.

The university currently has no financial aid programs and offers no scholarships. Academic freedom is based upon the principle of financial independence. We do not accept government funds in order to prevent government control. Our tuition is affordable and our independence allows us to offer an education free from government pressure or political influence.
All payments to the university should be made by bank check or money order made out to the order of Adam Smith University. International students should make their payments with an official bank check in US Dollars on a bank with a correspondent bank in the USA. Please send all payments to Acme Career Services, 7500 West Lake Mead Blvd #929, Las Vegas, NV 89128 USA for fastest payment to Adam Smith University. No transcripts or degrees may be sent until payments have been made in full.