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degree descriptions
Adam Smith University evaluates all courses in terms of semester hours of credit. Quarter hour credits are accepted after conversion to semester hours by multiplying by 2/3.

Second degree at the same level:
If you
have a degree and would like to earn a second degree at the same level from Adam Smith University, up to three quarters of the work taken from the first degree may be used towards your second degree may be used to towards your second degree at the same level. The other credits must not have been used for a previous degree.

All Adam Smith University students are required to be competent in the writing of English. This competence can be demonstrated by passing an appropriate college level English course, or by proficiency examination or through some other means satisfactory to our faculty.
All students must have an average of 2.0 ("C") or better to graduate. Grades of D are accepted for credit but must be balanced by A or B grades to achieve the C or 2.0 average.
associate degrees
The associate degree is equivalent to a degree earned at a two year, junior, or community college or at a post secondary institution requiring 60 credits of work. Titles of associate degrees vary according to the liberal arts content of the program followed. In some cases, specialized degree titles are used in some professions. At Adam Smith University, the Associate of Arts degree program requires 45 credits in the liberal arts and sciences (Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, and Mathematics) and 15 credits of free electives. The Associate of Science degree requires 30 credits of Liberal Arts and 30 credits of free electives. The Associate of Applied Science degree requires 15 credits of liberal arts and 45 other credits, 30 of which must be in a professional concentration. The Associate in Occupational Studies Degree requires 45 credits in a professional concentration and 15 credits of liberal arts and free electives.
bachelor's degrees
The Bachelor of Arts degree requires that 90 of the total 120 credits (including work taken toward the associate degree) be in the liberal arts. The other 30 credits are free electives. The Bachelor of Science degree requires that 60 credits be taken in Liberal Arts, 30 credits in a broad field or concentration and 30 credits of free electives. The Bachelor of Business Administration degree requires 30 credits in the Liberal Arts, 60 credits in business and 30 credits of free electives. The Bachelor of Professional Studies degree and the Bachelor of Science degree in engineering requires 30 credits in the Liberal Arts, 60 credits in the professional area and 30 credits of free electives. In all bachelor's degree programs, except B.P.S. degree programs, some credits in the Liberal Arts must be taken in each of three areas: humanities, social sciences and natural sciences or mathematics.
The bachelor's degree is equivalent to a degree earned at a four year college or university or at a postcondition institution requiring 120 credits of work. Holders of Associate degrees may earn Bachelor's degree with the completion of 60 additional credits of work in appropriate areas. At least 30 of these 60 credits must be earned at the upper division level and at least 15 of these credits must be concentrated in one discipline such as finance or history or in a major area such as business or humanities.
master's degree
The Master or Arts and Master of Science degrees require 30 credits of graduate work in one of the concentrations offered by ASU. A self designed interdisciplinary major in a specialized field is also available subject to approval by the faculty. All candidates for the Master degree must have successfully completed a bachelor's degree program at a recognized college or university or equivalent.
The Master of Business Administration Degree requires completion of 45 credits of approved work in business administration. Up to 15 credits may be waived for satisfactory completion of undergraduate core courses in business or through proficiency exams. Students must have successfully completed a bachelor's degree program in any academic field before entering the M.B.A. program.
doctoral degrees

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ASU offers doctoral degree programs in business administration leading to the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree. The University also offers doctoral programs in professional fields leading to the Doctor of Professional Studies degree. The Doctor of Science degree is offered in Health Science and other majors in Science. The Doctor of Arts degree is offered in majors in the Humanities and the Doctor of Social Science degree is offered to majors in the Social Sciences. The DBA degree can be conferred in general business administration or in various majors such as accounting, business administration, business and society, business economics, entrepreneurship, finance, health services administration, international business, management, management of nonprofit institutions, management science and systems, and marketing. A self-designed major is also available for students who need a more specialized degree in business, professional studies, liberal arts, or science.
Candidates for the DBA degree will have earned the MBA degree or other appropriate master's degree before enrollment in the DBA program. Students who have earned the degree will be assumed to have met the program requirements for breadth and depth. DBA candidates will have completed at least 60 credits of graduate work at the master's level and the doctoral level and will have successfully completed a doctoral dissertation before receiving their doctoral degree. The program also requires that students show application of their knowledge of the major areas of business and that they have appropriate knowledge of quantitative tools such as statistics and computer applications, as well as excellent skills in written and oral presentation.
The doctoral degree fee for the holder of the master's degree for students studying for the doctoral program in North America is $3,000. Also, students must submit two copies of their dissertation to the university. These copies must be bound in hard covers, like a book.
Concentration and Major Programs
Degree concentrations in business are available in business administration (general business), and in accounting, computer science with business applications, finance, management, marketing, secretarial science, and office administration. Self designed concentrations (majors) are available also, subject to the approval of the faculty.
Liberal Arts and Sciences:
ASU offers broad concentrations in the Liberal Arts. Concentrations include humanities, fine arts, music, social sciences, history, natural science, and mathematics. It is possible for a student to develop a major in a specific liberal arts field such as English or biology or religious studies or in interdisciplinary studies in liberal arts or in some specialized field, with the approval of the faculty.
ASU accepts completion of a diploma in Nursing offered at a recognized two or three year postcondition hospital based school of nursing for the Associate Degree in Nursing. These credits are also acceptable towards a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Health Science. ACT PEP tests and Regents College Examinations may be submitted to test technical skills in Nursing. Our programs in Nursing have not been evaluated by the NLN and are not accredited by them.
Degree Programs for Chiropractors:
ASU offers three degrees for licensed Chiropractors: Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Life Science, Bachelor of Professional Studies Degree with a major in Life Science, and a Master of Science Degree with a major in Life Science.
Degree Programs for Doctoral
degree holders:
The requirements are the same as for Degree Programs for Chiropractors with the substitution of the appropriate Doctoral level professional school or college and the appropriate professional experience.
ASU offers Associate, Bachelor's, and Master's degrees with concentrations on areas of technology such as medical technology, health technology, computer science, and veterinary technology. Other specific concentrations in technology can be completed, subject to approval of our faculty.
Self Designed Majors:
ASU permits students to design a concentration in any field or group of fields needed by the student, subject to approval of the faculty. Interdisciplinary studies in the liberal arts, general studies or in special topics such as women's studies can be designed by students, subject to faculty approval.
Paralegal Studies Degree Program: